Genuine Sheepskin Rug

BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large

BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large
BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large
BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large

BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large   BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large
VERY LARGE 54 X 36 Rare Black and White Icelandic Sheepskin. Truly a one of a kind unique specimen of the Icelandic Sheepskin. 100% guaranteed to be the most magnificent, soft and large sheepskin you have ever laid your hands on! So magnificent I've struggled to even offer it for sale! Yes, it really is that shinny and as soft as it looks! Colored by nature with no dyes used. Tanned in Poland in accordance to EU regulations. Workers are fairly paid with no child labor & Sheepskins are tanned using Natural Tannis not harmful chromium! Use on your favorite chair, sofa or bench seat to add elegance, comfort and warmth. Use is only limited by your imagination! Basic Information about out sheepskin rugs. Types of Sheepskin Throw Rugs that we carry.

What do people use sheepskins for? How to care for your sheepskin? What makes our Sheepskin different?

First and foremost our single pelt hides and/or sheepskin rugs we sell are 100% all natural GENUINE SHEEPSKIN. Our sheepskin rugs are ethically obtained as possible and tanned under strict European regulation using natural tannis and are never chromium tanned! The sheep are NOT bred and killed for their fur, their hides are a byproduct that would otherwise go to waste.

The sheepskins we sell are Eco-friendly as possible and more so than their synthetic counterparts. They're tanned using natural tannis and never chromium which is harmful to your health! The final step of the tanning process includes washing the sheepskin in a light fresh scented detergent so they do have a distinct light fresh scent/odor that will dissipate over time which can be sped up by airing outside in a shady spot. This is important since some folks hate any smells while others love their unique fresh scent. I will say I'm very sinus and scent sensitive and it does not bother me or my allergies.

Usually if I inhale an odor such as scented candles I will have a headache for at least a day or more! Another thing you will notice is that most of our sheepskin rugs are not dyed or tinted (in order to make a pure white sheepskin) which preserves their unique character in which only nature could have created.

Our sheepskin rugs are kept in their natural state which gives them a more wild, unique and natural look. Due to the vast differences from hide to hide if you have any questions or concerns prior to ordering we'd be happy to assist!

The most common reasons I see folks are unhappy (not with us but all over the world) with their sheepskin rugs are the following. We specialize in LARGE SHEEPSKIN RUGS so we rarely carry sheepskins under 48 in size.

The sheepskin has an odor, please refer to the explanation above. The sheepskin isn't as white as they seen in the picture. Overall This isn't a problem for us since we try our best to show exactly what the sheepskin looks like and also explain that the yellowing on white sheepskin is a natural occurrence and is the lanolin staining which is totally natural. Pure white sheepskins, these really don't exists unless they've been chemically treated, dyed or tinted to be white. If one were to get rid of the slight yellowing the skins would have to be tinted, dyed or heavily processed to make them pure white.

Each sheepskin rug is described by me as perfectly imperfect since it was designed by nature, not a factory! No two sheepskins will ever be alike. I'd be happy to assist! Why utilize additional items that will just end up in the landfill and contribute to the ever growing problem of consumer waste?

Our sheepskins are measured from the longest points as seen below on the fur side of the hide. Perhaps a larger sheepskin rug with several hides stitched together for your bed or a large area rug in your home? We'd be happy to assist!

Special orders may take up to 4 weeks but usually only 2 weeks most of the year! Different Types of Sheepskin Fur Throw Rugs. Swedish Sheepskin: Generally Very dense, very soft and silky, only come in white color unless dyed. Custom orders can be made for dyed colors such as pink, grey, blue, black, red, yellow etc... Icelandic Sheepskin: Very fine skins with long soft silky hair. We also offer shorn Icelandic lambskins that are just as fine and silky but with soft hair. Comes in natural & dyed colors. RBS (Rare Breed Sheepskin) UK Sheepskin: Stunningly unique and truly a one of a kind item that's ultra silky soft with varying degrees of thickness and density. UK White Sheepskin: consistently thick woolly fleece. Jacob Sheepskin: EXTREME THICKNESS & Density!

Thickest you will ever own and this is why people love them for their dogs as well as themselves to sit on but sometimes they may take up too much volume in your chair because of how thick they are! I'd be happy to help! Age, environment in which raised & breed, bottom line. Their are retailers stating that quality is determined by softness and this isn't so.

The wool from each breed of sheep is unique. It's also important to note the smaller the hide the softer the fur regardless of breed, with lambskin being the softest & finest skin of them all. Custom orders can be made for dyed colors such as pink, gray, blue, black, red, yellow etc. Icelandic Sheepskin: Icelandic sheepskin is different in that it lays flat and is very fine with long soft silky hair. We'd be happy to help! Sheepskin Use Ideas and what others use sheepskin rugs for. Many folks use sheepskins for the following purposes but use is only limited by your own imagination.

Sheepskin used as a Camping Mat to insulate you from the ground Sheepskin used as a Ultimate Picnic blanket Sheepskin used as a Saddle Pad Sheepskin used as a Bench seat cover Sheepskin used as a chair cushion Sheepskin used as a couch, chair or sofa throw Sheepskin used as a Christmas tree skirt Sheepskin Used as a Yoga mat Sheepskin used as a Meditation mat and even is sound therapy Sheepskin used as a Bed side throw rug Sheepskin used as a Bath mat Sheepskin used as a Throw blanket in bed Sheepskin used as a Bed pad to reduce pressure sores, increase comfort, circulation Sheepskin used as a Foot mat in front of the sink or or on the floor wherever your feet are to protect them from drafts Sheepskin used as a Luxurious computer chair pad that will keep you warm and oh so comfy! Tested and proven in our home! They will choose a sheepskin rug over a comfortable dog bed so adding a sheepskin to your existing dog bed is the ultimate for your beloved pooch!

Sheepskin used as a photo props, photography and photo shoots Sheepskin used as baby blankets and rugs Sheepskin used to improve Tactile Sensory Function Sheepskin used to help protect sensitive skin you may want to avoid Herdwick sheep, their fur is a bit more course but still one of my favorites to lay on! Use Sheepskin to help keep people with raynaud's syndrome warm or to help people that are ALWAYS cold Sheepskin used to aid in improving poor circulation SHEEPSKIN, USE as the ULTIMATE UNIQUE GIFT!

Often sheepskin is an items that so many adore but just don't know it yet!! Sheepskin Chair pads whether at your computer, dining room or sitting room it will be a hit for all, including your pets! Sheepskin rugs have been extensively used as an item for Interior decor. How to care for your Sheepskin Rug. How I clean my sheepskin rugs, including the sheepskins my dogs sleep on!

In the meantime below are the standardized instructions of how to care for your sheepskin rug :. Primary Care for all sheepskins Sheepskins are extremely durable and will last a lifetime if you give them a little care and attention. Sheepskin is a material thats naturally liquid repellent and dirt resistant, and its wool fibers are also very resilient and spring back to their original fluffy appearance.

The primary way to clean your sheepskin is to simply shake out (beat with a stick if necessary to loosen any lodged dirt or particles), air out (not in direct sunlight or extreme heat, ever) and brush just like you would a dog! If you apply the above mentioned care methods, the sheepskin product will look beautiful and healthy for years with no other care at all. However, If you feel your sheepskin needs further cleaning follow the instructions below. Washing your sheepskin is at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with taking this risk bring it to a local Eco friendly dry cleaner or furrier if there's one in your area. Sheepskin fur will change after washing and will be different since it's straightened during the tanning process. Short Wool Sheepskins Short wool sheepskin product can be washed manually or in a washing machine in cold water, using special washing detergent such as Kookaburra Wool Wash, never commercial detergent it will dry and crack your skin! You should use a gentle cycle without spinning. Then you should gently roll it up to remove excess water from the skin and at room temperature lay it flat stretch back to it's original shape and allow it to dry.

Drying can take up to 24 hours, so be prepared to wait. You must dry it far away from direct sun and heat sources. Once your sheepskin is dry you can brush it out with a brush or comb. Dyed hair/fur sheepskins Dyed sheepskins cannot be washed at all. You should remember that they should not be exposed to direct sun because it will make them fade.

Such sheepskin products can only be dry cleaned. However, airing and brushing out from time to time should keep them beautiful for many years. Long hair Some small splotches can be removed with a sponge used with special wool detergent mixed with water (note: do not use lots of water, take foam only).

Then you should leave the skin at a room temperature to dry. After a few hours, when you dry it far from direct sun and warm sources, you can comb it using a special comb. What makes us and our sheepskin different than all the other sheepskin rug sellers in the USA? WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and LOVE SERVING YOU!

Look what's happened in the USA, we have VERY few tanneries left here! Yes you will get a cheap sheepskin rug from the big name sellers importing from China at a super low price and if that's what you want, great! We could easily offer this too, but choose not to. Our primary specialty is rare NATURAL (no dyes used) sheepskin throw rugs that are large and XL in size. Most all sheepskins in the US today are all tinted or dyed to give them a uniform color and look.

Keeping sheepskins natural makes them easier to clean, gives each individual sheepskin hide a unique look that makes them one of a kind and they're not cut in a basic sheep pattern to make them all look the same. Granted there are a handful of local farms that DO have their hides tanned and kept natural and I encourage you to seek them out if that's what you seek! We provide down home, personable responses when you have questions or need help selecting the sheepskin rug you want!

You're talking to the owner/operator who has actually seen and handled each and every sheepskin we offer for sale. You will never talk to a person paid to give you generic answers in which they know nothing about! We want your business, we want to see you happy and we'd love for you to come back for more because you love what we offer, the service we provide and what we stand for!!! Unique Gift Ideas that are one of a kind for that Special Person in your life!

Sheepskin makes an amazing gift and something that would be a great surprise and totally unexpected! Sheepskin is luxurious and is so versatile whether you seek added comfort or styling your home decor. I always say, sheepskin is the most amazing product you never new you wanted! Folks use sheepskin for all sorts of things!

Natural mat for yoga, meditation, sound therapy, horse & bike saddle seat covers, dog & cat beds, chair cushions and so much more! Lets us show you the wonderful world of owning a sheepskin! The most common gift giving events. Birthdays, parents (mother, father mom or dad), siblings, children, nieces/nephews, grandparents, friends.

My favorite a gift for Just Because! The item "BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large" is in sale since Saturday, October 27, 2018.

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  • Room: Bedroom
  • Size: 3' x 5'
  • Color: Black & White
  • Material: Genuine Sheepskin
  • Brand:
  • Age: NEW
  • Shape: Animal Skin
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Poland
  • Style: Modern

BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large   BEST SHEEPSKIN RUG YOU HAVE NEVER OWNED Sheep skin fur throw rug Genuine X Large